Walden Selections Represents AR.PE.PE. in Washington State

Walden Selections is proud to partner with Tellitalia Imports to bring the wines of Ar.Pe.Pe. to Washington State.

Ar.Pe.Pe. is the acronym used by Arturo Pelizzatti Perego for the family winery that he re-established in Sondrio in 1984. The Nebbiolo grape, known locally as Chiavennasca, is the focus of this region and Ar.Pe.Pe. is arguably its greatest master.

The next generation - Emanuele, Guido and Isabella now direct the winery. According to Emanuele Pelizzatti, "It’s not about structure or concentration. It’s about minerality and finesse. Ours is a patrimony of elegance." In addition to a youthful Rosso di Valtellina, eight other red wines are made based on the quality of each vintage, released four to eight years after harvest.

For more information regarding Ar.Pe.Pe., please visit our producer’s page.

Walden Selections Partners with Maximilien Selections

Walden Selections is proud to represent Maximilien Selections in Washington State. Maximilien Selections is a boutique import company based in the Loire Valley and owned by Laurent Bonnois.  The wines in his portfolio each reflect their own sense of place, as Laurent explains:

"All the best wines are already in the U.S. market. So, my goal is to find wines from unknown regions and/or new talents. They should taste where they're from. They should be made with an area’s historical grape varietals and be made by small family producers. The price is also important to me, as wine should be accessible to everyone, not just for special occasions.”

For more information regarding Maximilien Selections and the producers in this portfolio, visit our producer page.

Walden Selections Partners with Zev Rovine Selections – Distributor of Handcrafted Wines

Walden Selections is proud to represent Zev Rovine Selections in Washington State. Zev Rovine Selections is a boutique wine & spirits import and distribution company based in Brooklyn, NY.

Zev’s portfolio represents characterful wines made with minimal intervention from classic wine regions.  Many of the wines are made without any additions, such as SO2 or yeast.  While the winemakers represented each have their own set of philosophies, they all share the idea that great wines are made in the vineyard and should reflect a sense of place.

For more information regarding Zev Rovine Selections and the producers in this portfolio, visit our producer page.

Walden Selections Partners with Vom Boden - Importer of Fine Wines

Walden Selections is excited to partner with NYC based importer, Vom Boden, to offer a crazy good selection of German wines in Washington State.

Vom Boden represents “Rieslings for advanced learners,” a quote they borrow from the passionate Saar winemaker, Florian Lauer. They are German wine specialists who focus on that often overlooked category of dry and off-dry Rieslings. 

In the words of Stephen Bitterolf, founder of Vom Boden, "Minerality and clarity are paramount. Rieslings with cut. Slate and razors".  For more information regarding Vom Boden and the producers in this portfolio, visit our producer page.


WALDEN SELECTIONS | Tenuta di Valgiano at Gambero Rosso in San Francisco

Gambero Rosso hosts an annual, three USA city event (NYC-Chicago-SF) for the three glass award winning wines, or Tre Bicchieri. Walden Selections is representing Tenuta di Valgiano, a Demeter-certified winery in Tuscany's Colline Lucchesi. Find Luke to learn more about the place and the people behind Tenuta di Valgiano from his visit in 2014 and taste the estate wine from 2011.